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InvestingChannel is an interactive media platform with over 300+ expert independent financial websites producing over 1,000 articles a day for an influential audience of 15+ million investors monthly, both retail and professional.

Our audience of influential decision makers are affluent, engaged, high-end lifestyle oriented and spans the complete finance spectrum including Individual Investors, Active Traders, Financial Advisors, Institutional Investors and more. All avidly read and watch our award-winning, independent perspectives on current and changing financial landscapes, to gain the edge needed to succeed in today’s volatile economy. Within this coveted environment, InvestingChannel provides a complete suite of business services and solutions:

For Advertising Partners: a plethora of marketing solutions including standard/rich media ads, custom content-integrated opportunities, lead generation, dedicated emails, audience targeting technologies, mobile/tablet, social media extensions and more to authentically captivate audiences and drive results.

For Publishing Partners: a robust variety of infrastructure solutions to make Money, Maximize reach and Manage operations, while diminishing costs and facilitating growth for your business that include: revenue (sales, account management, fully managed subscription product platform, lead generation, email list management, video, mobile, tablet, social); operations (ad serving, custom ad creation, customer service, tech support, legal, billing, collections); strategies and deployment (marketing, site design & hosting, content licensing, revenue/mobile/video tactics) and more

If you’re an advertiser looking for a finance/investing or demographically attractive audience,

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